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A granny flat is a slang term for secondary dwelling a on your property. Secondary dwellings can either be in the form of a 'granny flat' or a 'dual occupancy'. 

A granny flat can be no bigger than 60m2 and is always linked to the title of your house. Dual occupancies however, have their own title either in a strata or torrens scenario, which means you can sell it off as a seperate residence. Granny flats cannot be sold seperatly.


Granny flats can be stand alone structures, or made up of a few spare bedrooms in your house. The second option will require some fire rating solutions to protect both homes in case of a fire.

Granny flats are a fantastic way to generate income and can in some cases be approved by private certifiers. 

If you are thinking about a possible granny flat addition just ring or email and we can come and have a chat.

Granny Flat Documentation (detached)

$ 5,420

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